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Coral Drops on Monday for Revenge of the Birds

As a reminder to all Revenge of the Birds readers, SB Nation is rolling out their new commenting system and Revenge of the Birds starts on Monday.

For those that missed some of the initial issues you can encounter.

  1. The launch will not have site bans, but unfortunately a complete ban from SB Nation comments. That means if you are banned on Field Gulls, you’ll be banned on Revenge of the Birds.

Fear not, commenters who are banned will be shown a message about this, and told how to message our central moderation team to apply to quickly have that ban removed. It won’t mean you are permanently banned, just until you get reinstated.

I just want you to be aware of the situation and know that most of you will be fine, but some of you like to get a little lippy on other sites and that will impact you for a short, inconvenient time.

2. There will be no comments allowed on FanPosts initially. This will be changed, but don’t be surprised. I’ll make sure that nightly open threads are available and we can take the posts and link back if need be.

Just wanted you all to be aware, as some sites are going live this Monday and don’t want you to be blind sided.

From the SB Nation team:

We will be rolling Coral out across all of our team communities in the future, but there’s no timetable for that at the moment. The purpose of rolling this out in our NFL communities first is to test the system and gather feedback from site managers, contributors, moderators, and community members. We’ll be improving the way Coral works on our SB Nation communities based on your feedback, on those sites and on others as we roll them out. Your feedback and experience will help make it an even better platform over the next few months and years.

Why are we changing things up now? Our existing comment system hasn’t been upgraded in a decade and its age makes it difficult to maintain and update. It’s clunky on mobile devices, which many readers use to read and comment. The mobile experience in Coral is a major upgrade. We also have some fun tools in the works that will enhance the Game Thread experience in our communities, like automatically dropping in highlights of big plays and score updates as our communities discuss games. Coral offers expansive tools that will make our moderators’ lives so much easier — that’s an improvement that won’t be as obvious to commenters, but is essential for supporting the community’s health.

Coral is an improvement, and an investment in the future of our communities. It looks and feels very different from the current comment system, and like any new system, will take some time to get used to.

We’ve added the ability to change how you sort comments (Newest/Oldest/Most Recs/Most Replies), to download your comments, and to get email notifications around replies. You can ignore annoying voices, and embed tweets/YouTube videos just by pasting the URL instead of the long embed code. You can also search for GIFs using the GIF selector. We’ve also kept a lot of things you love, like Recs and background comment colors.

Some things haven’t made the cut, like avatars, signatures, and photo uploads. Yellow backgrounds for new comments aren’t currently available, nor are shortcuts to jump between comments – we’re working out the best ways to help you find the latest comments posted in Coral. You’ll also notice that your comments and comment history from the old system will disappear when we flip the switch to activate Coral on this site, and comments will not be available temporarily on FanPosts and FanShots. Don’t worry — those will be back in the future.

We have a frequently asked questions post available here that should give you more insight into why we’re making this change and what the new system entails. In the meantime, please feel free to share any questions or feedback in the comments below.