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July Fanposts of the Month, Annual Madden Giveaway

We’re (and by we I mean me) a little late this month, so I’ll get right to it.

Your winners for July are Arizona Cardinal and Gold and CardiacCardinalFanatic!

Please keep an eye on your emails, you two.

ACG took us on a look back in time through quarterbacks of Cardinals’ past, and Fanatic got a great discussion going with getting to know the members of a our fanbase that harken back to the St. Louis days. Check both out if you haven’t already!

It’s nearly that time of year with the new release of madden around the corner, and the winner of the August FOTM contest will be getting a brand new copy to celebrate! And as always, second place will get a little something too! (Prizes may vary for international members.)

How do you get in on this? Easy.

  • Submit one or more fanposts during the month of August. (Yes, if you’ve already submitted a fanpost this month you will be eligible for consideration.)
  • Keep it PG!
  • And follow the Community Guidelines.

If you have an other questions, check out the Fanpost Guide or feel free to hit me up at or on twitter @robert_ban!

Happy writing and as always, stay safe out there!

P.S: CardsRepinChile! Please email as soon as you can, if your prize is not claimed this month it will be forfeited.