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Arizona Cardinals are on the right path according to the fans

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Washington Football Team v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

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Success in the NFL is fleeting, but the journey is what to enjoy. That is why when you see how well the Arizona Cardinals are playing you expect the positivity to come out and so far it has.

When the Cardinals started their journey after the 2019 season belief in the direction of the team was still up in the air as 70% felt they were heading in the right direction.

Fans felt like they were on the right path, but were the right pieces in place to lead.

After the free agency period that changed quite a bit, with the addition of DeAndre Hopkins, Jordan Phillips and others, and the belief in the teams direction soared to 97%.

Now, that belief sits nearly the same after the first two games.

Belief after the win over the San Francisco 49ers was at 100%, then the Cardinals played well against the Washington Football Team, but not well enough as belief dropped back to 97%. Who decided a 15 point win wasn’t enough?

It is good to see belief is high in the team and the direction they are heading.