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Arizona Cardinals have a chance to deploy Isaiah Simmons in a number of ways

Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

It’s been an odd training camp time for the Arizona Cardinals but even more for the fans and those who cover the team.

An information embargo has been implemented and it means things we see why can’t talk about (in my case things that I talk with my colleagues about).

Here is some information I can share.

One fear many, myself included had was that the Cardinals under Vance Joseph wouldn’t get the most out of Isaiah Simmons. Simmons is a walking chess piece, someone who can matchup as a linebacker or safety, someone who can blitz, someone who can drop down and rush the passer. Would Joseph find the avenues to utilize all of those talents? It sounds like that has been something worked on in camp.

How the Cardinals deploy Simmons will be something we watch all season, but from the workouts it seems like fans should be excited, because it won’t be traditional.