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Former Arizona Cardinals draft pick Josh Rosen released by Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins Training Camp Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Where Josh Rosen stops next in his NFL career will be interesting.

He was cut by the Miami Dolphins only a year earlier being traded from the Arizona Cardinals to the Dolphins for a second round pick.

Many raised an eyebrow at the thought of moving on from the former 10th overall pick, but the reality was the Cardinals were smart to not compound their mistake, and instead were able to get something for their investment.

Now, fast forward to a year later and the Cardinals are sitting happy with Kyler Murray looking like the real deal for the future and the Dolphins are moving forward with Tua Tagovailoa as their future.

They could get nothing for Rosen, and instead cut the former first round pick.

He must pass through waivers, which it will be hard to see a team claim him since they’ll have to pay his salary, but maybe a team like Jacksonville will be willing with so little invested at the quarterback position.

We’ll see where this goes for Josh from here, but we continue to wish him the best of luck.