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Arizona Cardinals pre-free agency roster breakdown: Tight ends

Tennessee Titans v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

When you look at the Arizona Cardinals 2021 offseason roster one of the thinnest positions the Cardinals will have going in is the tight end position.

The position that not many thought about when Kliff Kingsbury was hired was the tight end and how they would be used.

They became one of the main contributors in a dynamic running game and they can contribute in the passing game at times.

What does the Arizona Cardinals 2021 tight end room look like?

Maxx Williams - $3,218,750 cap hit
Ian Bunting - $2,021 cap hit

That is it... That is the list.

The Cardinals need two more because lets face it they are not counting on Bunting and Williams has not proven he can stay healthy over the course of a season.

Here are some interesting options in free agency from the high end:

Jonnu Smith - The former Titans tight end is a dynamic move tight end who has shown he can be a great weapon the passing game. Looking at $6-8 million a year.

Gerald Everett - Another move tight end, we have seen him and he can play. Looking at $6-8 million a year.

What do you think? It seems like the draft and maybe a cheap veteran is the right idea.