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NFL salary cap could be in the $180 million range according to a report

Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Maybe some good early news for the Arizona Cardinals and their likely cash strapped offseason needs.

According to Pro Football Talk, the NFL’s salary cap may not be as low as initially expected, even if it is just a slight bump.

$180 million would give the Cardinals a little $5 million bump in expected salary cap and would likely help with the massive needs they have at several key positions.

With just over $9.5 million in cap space according to Spotrac, the Cardinals need as much help as possible to be able to start free agency in the strongest position as possible.

With a couple of cuts, the Cardinals could be on the right side of $30 million and look to add two or three impact players.

Let’s hope that this report is accurate or maybe better, inaccurate in the wrong way.

Either way, the Cardinals could have some more money and that is a good thing.