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San Francisco 49ers’ offseason scenario would make things interesting for the Arizona Cardinals

Detroit Lions v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals have plenty of needs heading into the offseason, but watching what is going on inside the division is also going to be something to watch.

My buddy Kyle Posey is going over some scenarios he has heard the San Francisco 49ers are exploring, and while one he text me about should seriously worry Cardinals fans (please keep Deshaun Watson out of the NFC West), the more realistic scenario is also interesting for the Cardinals.

49ers offseason plan, Pt. II: Trade for Stafford, retain Verrett and sign C Alex Mack - Niners Nation
This is the second installment of our offseason plan for San Francisco

The Detroit Lions are parting ways with Matthew Stafford, and the Cardinals NFC West rivals are one of the main destinations for the 12-year veteran.

Stafford would be an upgrade to Jimmy Garoppolo, although Garoppolo has killed the Cardinals in his career.

The rub would be they would give up their first round pick, and they need help on the outside at cornerback, especially after losing Robert Saleh.

What would be your reaction to Stafford in San Francisco?