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Arizona Cardinals 2021 free agent needs

Diamond Resorts Tournament Of Champions - Round Three Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

When you look at the upcoming decisions the Arizona Cardinals have to make in free agency heading into the 2021 NFL offseason, it becomes clear that they have some issues.

First, they have little cap space, but we've seen a number of times cap space isn't real and can be manipulated.

Second, they only have 32 NFL players under contract (I'm not counting the bevy of futures contracts).

Third, they have to figure out which of their own free agents they need to re-sign.

That begs the question, what positions should the Cardinals prioritize in free agency?

I think the order looks something like this:

1. Cornerbacks- Yes, plural. They need to find at least two veteran corners who can play, and that won't preclude them from drafting one.

2. Wide receiver- Just in case Larry Fitzgerald does not come back. This is a good offseason to need a wide receiver. They'll need an accomplished veteran.

3. Edge- Don't know who, but they need one.

4. Inside linebacker- This is in preparation for the idea of cutting Jordan Hicks.

What do you think?