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Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams second half open thread

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

What a terrible first half for the Arizona Cardinals.

The Arizona Cardinals trail the Los Angeles Rams after the fire half 12-7 and have been outscored by the Rams defense 9-7 in the game.

Meanwhile, Kyler Murray was injured on the Cardinals first drive of the game and Chris Streveler came in and outside of a push pass early, the Cardinals have no offense whatsoever.

The playoff chances hang in the balance and will be on the shoulders of the defense and possibly a backup quarterback.

The Rams team is in the same boat and getting production from their side.

What do the Cardinals have in them?

It’ll be interesting to see in the second half of Kyler Murray can tough out what looks like a high ankle sprain, as the Cardinals don’t look like they can do anything without him back there.

If not, they’ll need a miracle, who has it in them to give the team and this fanbase one?