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Cardinals coach hints at WR Larry Fitzgerald’s future?

Will Larry Legend be back or was this season his final ride into the sunset? There might be a clue...

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Larry Fitzgerald is no stranger to retirement questions. He’s played, by even his own count, likely longer than even he was expecting.

It’s become a question every offseason. Some years it’s taken until February or later.

But is it possible that we already know the answer now?

Cardinals Defensive Line coach Brentson Buckner sent out this tweet after the game...

Is he telling the world that this was Fitzgerald’s last game?

Buckner later would clarify, that no, he wasn’t making an announcement:

Honestly? Suuuure....?

I remember when Bruce Arians let people know that it was his last game and the news stayed quiet and didn’t leak until the following morning. It was a pretty quick sendout, given that Fitzgerald may have met with Buckner after the game it’s possible that he let the team know of his intentions and word was let slip.

Or perhaps it’s just expected?

Fitzgerald finished the season with 54 catches for 409 yards and 1 touchdown, his lowest career output ever.

If this really is it for Fitzgerald...what an incredible career it’s been. If not, then here’s to however long the GOAT of Arizona Sports will continue to play.