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Arizona Cardinals vs San Francisco 49ers (2021) second half thread

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

For the Arizona Cardinals they have some really good things, but also some missed opportunities on the way to a 10-0 lead at the half over the San Francisco 49ers.

It has been pretty, and then a little ugly as the Cardinals struggled to find the endzone on two of their drives.

Maybe more concerning as they lead is the injuries they incurred.

Already thin at cornerback, linebacker Isaiah Simmons made a spectacular goalline stop but may have concussed himself in doing so.

Then there is Maxx Williams.

Williams, playing without doubt the best ball of his career was hit low on a catch and run and we can only expect the worst, as the replays were hard to stomach.

All of that and the Cardinals still lead at the half and get the ball to start the third.

A touchdown here would really make it feel like a tall task for Trey Lance in his first NFL start.

Let’s hope for an injury free second half and the Arizona Cardinals moving to 5-0.