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Arizona Cardinals remain unbeaten after ugly win over San Francisco 49ers

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals Chris Coduto-USA TODAY Sports

It was ugly.

It was filled with key injuries for a team who can’t really afford anymore injuries on the season.

And yet, for 2021 the result was the same, an Arizona Cardinals victory.

The 17-10 win was not the pretty offensive explosion we have seen the first four weeks.

However, the final two drives of the game were exactly what the doctor ordered.

First Kyler Murray remembered he has the best wide receiver in the NFL in DeAndre Hopkins and threw up a prayer, then threaded the needle and D-Hop made both plays look routine.

Then, after the San Francisco 49ers finally attempted a field goal to get the game within seven points, we saw one of the constant Kliff Kingsbury criticisms fall by the wayside, as James Conner, Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins ran out the final 4:12 on the clock.

The Arizona Cardinals defense was the story of this game.

They came up huge on a number of drives, getting fourth down stops in clutch situations.

We saw the most dominant performance in the J.J. Watt era and Zach Allen did his best Watt impression as the Cardinals moved to 5-0 for the first time since 1974.

It was ugly and we will hold our breath on the injuries, but man… It feels good.