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Arizona Cardinals at Cleveland Browns (2021) second half open thread

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

For the Arizona Cardinals, it was basically the perfect first half.

Sure, they did not convert all of their opportunities to touchdowns, but they scored 23 first half points and put themselves in a great position to move to 6-0 on the season.

Now the question is, can they finish?

The defense was phenomenal in the first half, until the end of the half, where they allowed a Hail Mary like a Bills defense.

That means they have 23-14 lead at the half, but they seem to have stalled a bit on offense.

The Arizona Cardinals forced two turnovers, one interception and one fumble as well as a turnover on downs.

Kyler Murray has missed some open receivers, but some of that has to do with the offensive lines inability to keep Kyler clean.

Let’s hope they have it in them to finish things off better than they did the first half.

They have some room for error and the ball to start the half, but it’s going to be a fight to win this game.