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Arizona Cardinals open as 4-point favorites for big ‘Thursday Night Football’ game vs. Green Bay Packers

Houston Texans v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

When you are 7-0, things change.

For the Arizona Cardinals, one of those changes is that they are now the hunted, instead of the hunter.

With a new target on their back each and every week based on the fact that even a great team like the Green Bay Packers (6-1) are coming in trailing the Cardinals in the race for the NFC’s top spot.

When lines came out last night, it wasn’t surprising to see the Arizona Cardinals open up as four-point favorites over the Green Bay Packers according to the DraftKings Sportsbook.

That line will likely move as the week progresses and we get more information on the now COVID-19 infected Packers organization.

While we only know about defensive coordinator Joe Barry, it will be something to watch the rest of the week.

Who takes over the defensive play calling? Our friends at Acme Packing Co give you there initial thoughts:

With Barry likely unavailable on Thursday, the Packers will need to decide on an alternate playcaller for the defense when they face the Arizona Cardinals. That game was going to be a challenge for the Packers’ defense regardless of who was calling plays, as Arizona’s offense ranks fourth in points and seventh in yards. The only other individual on the Packers’ coaching staff who has served as a defensive coordinator in the past is defensive backs coach Jerry Gray, so he may be a candidate to take over playcalling duties.

Make sure you check out the new DraftKings Sportsbook.