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Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator Joe Barry tests positive for Covid

NFL: Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Saints Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

With the Arizona Cardinals sitting at 7-0 dealing with the last two weeks of Covid-19 issues, we as fans can feel some sympathy for what the Green Bay Packers may be dealing with.

News broke early Monday on Twitter that Packers DC Joe Barry had a positive test.

For the Cardinals, they dealt with something similar two weeks ago against the Cleveland Browns and had no issues whatsoever. Now, let’s hope for a different outcome for the Packers, where they have plenty of issues for one game.

Who could be the man calling the defense?

Our friends at Acme Packing Co discussed that a little bit today:

With Barry likely unavailable on Thursday, the Packers will need to decide on an alternate playcaller for the defense when they face the Arizona Cardinals. That game was going to be a challenge for the Packers’ defense regardless of who was calling plays, as Arizona’s offense ranks fourth in points and seventh in yards. The only other individual on the Packers’ coaching staff who has served as a defensive coordinator in the past is defensive backs coach Jerry Gray, so he may be a candidate to take over playcalling duties.

Green Bay’s defense has been improving in recent weeks, and the unit is up to 7th in the NFL in both points and yards allowed. They have allowed 17 or fewer points in four of their seven games this year, including three of their last four, and they have forced multiple turnovers in five of the six games in the team’s current winning streak. The unit will likely need to continue creating takeaways this week if the Packers hope to defeat the 7-0 Cardinals.

It will be interesting to see how this game plays out. Most Thursday Night games this year have been close, the only blowout included the Houston Texans, who are miserable as we just saw.

What do you think?