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SB Nation Reacts: Arizona Cardinals fans confidence still high, how will that change after J.J. Watt injury?

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Houston Texans v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

While we wait for the ramifications of whatever injury J.J. Watt is dealing with, which will without a doubt change how Arizona Cardinals fans view this season, we still have the poll results from this week.

The Arizona Cardinals first off were picked by the majority of fans to beat the Green Bay Packers tonight.

That likely has more to do with the Covid-19 issues the Packers are dealing with than the lack of knowledge at poll time of the Watt injury.

I don’t think things would swing that much outside of maybe fans seeing a closer game.

However, the confidence in the direction of the team is still raging at an all-time high.

I wonder how much that changes with a win and more clarity on the Watt situation?

We know any loss would cause at least a small percentage of fans to overreact and change their confidence level. I assume that will only be bigger with the Watt news.

No, instead I am interested in how fans react to a win and a loss of Watt. How does that change your perception on the direction of the team? I’ll give you my thoughts with next weeks SB Nation Reacts results.

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