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Arizona Cardinals vs Green Bay Packers second half open thread

Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It was not the first half we wanted to see for a national audience.

However, there were little mistakes that can be cleaned up as the Arizona Cardinals trail the Green Bay Packers 10-7.

More concerning than the score and the potential loss, the Arizona Cardinals lost both DeAndre Hopkins and Zaven Collins to injuries.

We will know more as the game progresses.

Meanwhile, the offenses for both sides are not doing much, but Rondale Moore muffed a punt (using that term loosely) and the Packers capitalized with a field goal after going three and out inside their own five.

The defense had a bad drive, but again for the most part, this game is going to come down the offense making plays.

Kyler Murray is 4/8 for 73 yards. 55 on one play to DeAndre Hopkins, which was a touchdown until Hop facemasked the cornerback.

Let’s hope for a better, healthier second half and an Arizona Cardinals win.