Getting over the Packers loss...

I can't seem to let this game go, so I'm writing a rant in the hopes that it can leave my mind. There's a few prominent story lines I keep hearing, and I'm going to dive into each. This was a hard fought, ugly game and I my point here is not to delegitimize the packers win or make excuses for the cardinals who played abysmal for the most part. I can't help but rebutting each of these points:

1) The Packers weren't healthy

This is true but at this point in the season, few teams are. Packers fans ad nauseam can't help themselves saying their "best 3 WR were out". While true, football is won in the trenches. The cards were missing more starters/impact players in the trenches than the pack and starting a 3rd stringer at a key position on the offensive line. They are Hudson, Murray, Garcia, Williams, Watt, Peters, and Lawrence. Please correct me if I'm wrong but each of them is either a starter or plays a key role on the line. It's also difficult to adjust your game plan as a coach and QB when you're best receiver is lost during the game (Hop).

2) Packers left 2-3 TDs on the field

This one is just as aggravating as the first. You could say the same thing on the cards side considering the turnovers. The packers were gifted the ball two times inside their opponents 20. Cards defense managed to hold them to 10 points. If the situation were reversed, you're telling me the cards are only up by 3 with 3 minutes left in the game? Doubtful.

3) Arizona's run defense is trash

Average, sure. But like Budda or Simmons said, they care about points, not yards. This team led the league in points/game prior to this week and I'd be willing to bet the cards are still in the top 5 after this game. They need to be better but this game is the outlier. On a short week, without your defensive anchor and captain in Watt, let's not overreact.

4) Arizona has been exposed

This is ridiculous. The cardinals had and probably still have one of the most balanced attacks in the league, being top 5 DVOA in all phases. Their schedule hasn't been a cakewalk by any stretch of the imagination. For once, I somewhat agree with Colin Cowherd in that you can't knock Arizona too much for this game, all things considered.

5) Aaron Rodgers "won the game"

I'll grant that he didn't lose the game, but it's not like he lit us up. The man had 184 yards and 2 TDs. At one point, he'd thrown 78 yards on 25 completions. This game was won in the trenches by GB's offensive and defensive line, and by Dillon/Jones.

Last thing I'll say is that we'll learn a lot about this team against San Fran next week. I'm concerned this is one of those games that guys can't overcome mentally. Hopefully that's not the case. Great teams rebound with authority and I hope their licking their chops at the opportunity to bounce back. Rant over...would love to hear any comments should any ROTBers actually read this.

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