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Arizona Cardinals ticket prices see big jump after win over Los Angeles Rams

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Arizona Cardinals Billy Hardiman-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are the only remaining undefeated team in the NFL and the ticket prices are beginning to show it.

According to TickPick, the price in Cardinals tickets jumped 154% for the game for the against the San Francisco 49ers.

From TickPick:

Tickets for the Cardinals-49ers matchup have jumped throughout the course of the Cardinals’ undefeated season. TickPick, the no-fee secondary ticket marketplace, reports that the cheapest ticket sold for this game before the season started was $59 — now the “get-in” is $150 (154% increase).

Additionally, the average purchase price before the Cardinals beat the Rams was $135. The average purchase price for tickets following Sunday’s victory are up 38% and currently sit at $187. Please note that these are all-in prices given TickPick has no added service fees.

Let’s hope the increase in ticket prices is worth it for the fans, and also that it is the fans of the Cardinals picking up the tickets.

Go Cardinals!