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Sam Darnold to miss Arizona Cardinals game with broken scapula

New England Patriots v Carolina Panthers Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

For the Arizona Cardinals, Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers may be a bit different now.

From Cat Scratch Reader:

Carolina Panthers quarterback Sam Darnold has been diagnosed with a broken scapula following an MRI this morning. The scapula is more commonly known as your shoulder blade. Darnold reported shoulder soreness on Monday, causing the team to ask for an MRI. The injury is in his right, or throwing, shoulder and is in the same shoulder that was reportedly sore last week following the win against the Atlanta Falcons. It is the current belief of the Panthers that he broke the bone during the second quarter of the game against the New England Patriots.

Now the question becomes, can the Cardinals deal with PJ Walker? Maybe not Walker, but instead the Carolina Panthers rushing attack that will most likely be deployed because the Panthers will be without Darnold and Walker has not done much yet in his career in the NFL.

It will change the way the Cardinals need to approach the game, what do you think?