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Arizona Cardinals sleepwalk to big loss against Carolina Panthers

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Arizona Cardinals Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

It took three quarters for the Arizona Cardinals to play some football and it was far too little too late for the Cardinals against their worst nightmare... the Carolina Panthers.

The trend continues where the Panthers, no matter the coach, the quarterbacks or the players just own the Cardinals as they beat the Arizona Cardinals 34-10.

It was an embarrassing performance in the first half, down 23-0 with little to no energy on either side of the ball.

Cam Newton came in and made the Cardinals look lost at times, and for some reason Christian McCaffrey was allowed to run free in the passing game, finishing with 10 catches for 66 yards and 13 carries for 95 yards.

For the Cardinals, the concern becomes the health of their top two quarterbacks, as Kyler Murray again sat with an ankle injury, but today Colt McCoy left with what the team called a chest injury.

It was one of those days and the difference in not having Kyler Murray showed up today where the team was flat like they were against Green Bay.

Let’s hope Colt is healthy moving forward, but also we don’t have to see him sans some mop up duty in more big wins for the Arizona Cardinals.

Go Cardinals.