Is a QB really qualified to be considered Greatest?

I must confess I am not a Tom Brady fan. Not that he is not good he is. But since being a QB is dependent on so many other non control factors? How do we really attribute the greatness of the position? Is it simply accuracy? Is it leadership? Is it overall talent? Or do non TO QBs get our allegiance? Since defense is IMO the real difference in any sport. How can we attribute greatness to the position when we know said player is..dependent on others for his being healthy and his being efficient his style being optimized.

My criteria for greatest would be ....How did he play against high level defense? How great was his opposition? How talented was his own roster? How much better was he then his peers? We have seen players at positions who were game changers. But we also have seen players who's style lended itself to compliment great to good defense and were safe ball handlers. And in Football you only play the end game once. You do not like other ports play 7 possible games. That's why many times the...Super Bowl really is not the highest level game played during the circuit. Sometimes it actually is.

I think fans like me see fakeness as an affront to our intelligence. An attack on cause and effect. Here's a for instance of individual greatness....Said player is the most talented. He is great at all facets of the game including ....preventing opposition from being productive. He is also significantly better than his peers in both athleticism and skill. Is winning required? Of course! Is winning the sole criteria? No! Especially not for a position where your health is determined by factors other than you. Where you got credit for what other people did to let you succeed. Am I attacking the QB position? No...But I am attacking the validity of said players credit in a lot of outcomes.

If a QB has a mediocre roster? He will not succeed unless he was extraordinary. If a QB has a mediocre defense he will not succeed even if..he is extraordinary. Tom Brady not or never was extraordinary. Longevity is due to style not toughness. It actually sickens me not his success but he has gotten paid off the backs of others. Did he take a really poorly coached talentless roster to new heights? Or did he benefit from and capitalize off mostly good to great defenses? What I see in Tom Brady is a pocket/ pivot passer who does a lotta near the line passes which are efficient. He rarely did turnovers which is his greatest contribution IMO. His style lent itself. He is just like many others no running game no way. I'm done...Just wanna clarify I'm not a hater at all. But to me his non turnover style is his greatest weapon. When opposite QBs do not do TOs as well his games at top level have been close games. Is he great? Yes...But extraordinary great? No not at all. I have never...turned on to watch Tom Brady play Football. It's boring. When he did have a high passing offense he was exposed in the SB as limited by a very good front 4 which exposed his lack of outside your comfort zone style. When your being flushed off your spot? Your not gonna be very good. The key is...most times you don't have to outplay your opponent. There's not a lotta great opposing positional players. Just don't do TOs and all things being equal? You have a good chance to win.

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