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Arizona Cardinals have to have a long-term outlook for Kyler Murray’s ankle

Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

While we wait to find out what is going on with Kyler Murray’s ankle, should know a bit more when the first injury report is released tomorrow, the Arizona Cardinals prepare for a big game against the San Francisco 49ers.

A win on Sunday puts the Cardinals at 8-1, matching Kliff Kingsbury’s most wins in a season, but also puts the Cardinals three games clear of the wild card, something we have to be looking at simply because of the Los Angeles Rams season.

That is why Sunday matters.

That is also why if the Cardinals do not feel that Murray is close to 100% they should start Colt McCoy.

The Cardinals have eight games after Sunday left. That would give Murray 17 days off for a 1-3 week injury, meaning he would be right at the max time off needed.

The Cardinals get the Carolina Panthers at home and the Seattle Seahawks and potentially the return of Russell Wilson in Seattle following the Niners game.

Both of those games become much more important with a loss on Sunday and if that loss comes with a gimpy Kyler Murray who then needs another week of practice off, then what was it worth?

If Murray is healthy, he always needs to be on the field, but the Cardinals created a nice buffer for themselves and need Murray at the height of his powers. The Cardinals have a nice lead over the 49ers right now in the division. While expanding that is important, having Murray ready for the Seahawks and Rams is even more important.

Those are the decisions Kliff and Kyler need to be thinking about heading into week nine.

Plus, it seemed to be backup season in week eight, so maybe the Cardinals can get in on it and make it extend into week nine.