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Cards 100% Correct Not to Rush Kyler

NFL: Player Headshots 2021 Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

As Cardinals’ fans we are chomping on the bit to see Kyler Murray back at QB.

So are Michael Bidwill, Steve Keim, Kliff Kingsbury, the staff and the players —- and, more than anyone else, so is K1.

But, if you haven’t read this excellent article that was published on Wednesday by Kyle Odegard of, do yourself the favor and absorb every word of it.

Earlier in the week when Kliff Kingsbury was sharing his excitement about the prospects of Kyler being back on the practice field with the possibility to play this Sunday, Kliff indicated that, while Kyler continues to make good progress, “he hasn’t completely turned the corner yet.”

Between Kliff’s caveat, then adding that Kyler being “to show he can escape pressure” and Kyle Odegard’s report (through a source close to Kyler) that Kyler “is still experiencing discomfort in the ankle”, right then and there it became clear that it would be a major risk for Kyler and the team to play him this week, especially with the bye week coming up and the chance for Kyler to come back at or near 100% strong.

To put the decision to protect Kyler in perspective:

  • The Cardinals have potentially far more to gain this season by ensuring Kyler’s health than they do rushing him back too quickly.
  • Imagine how demoralizing it would be for Kyler to have come all this way and then reaggravate the injury and have to start the rehab process all over with the thought that he may be limited by it the remainder of the season.
  • How have things work out for DeAndre Hopkins after he reaggravated his hamstring injury?
  • Win or lose versus the Seahawks, the Cardinals can feel relieved and excited to know that Kyler (with perhaps DeAndre Hopkins?) will be raring and ready to go in two weeks.
  • With a healthy Kyler Murray the last two seasons the Cardinals are 13-4 —- when Kyler has been limited by injuries, the Cardinals are 2-5.

Colt McCoy is 1-1 for the Cardinals in his two starts.

In November last year, Colt helped the then (4-7) Giants, without Saquon Barkley, upset the (8-3) Seahawks at Lumen Field by the score of 17-12. One could argue that this year as QB2 of the Arizona Cardinals, Colt is playing in an offense that provides him with a stronger supporting cast, while playing in a system that is keenly catered to his strengths.