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Twitter reacts to the Cardinals’ 23-13 win over the Seattle Seahawks

Arizona went up to Seattle and dominated on the road as per usual, but what were the reactions to the missed kicks and big plays?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

After a shellacking of the Niners and receiving either a dollop or a wallup of a pounding in return against the Panthers, the Cardinals looked to figure out their winning ways once again on the road in Seattle.

It was a place they had played well in but the news came out before the Kyler until after the bye.

It would be Colt McCoy again:

The game started off well, with Arizona sacking Russ twice (Hello, Chandler) and the offense doing their thing:

Then AJ Green had a catch you’d have to see to believe...

Another Ertz TD and Arizona had a heavy lead.

It wasn’t all easy, however. The Seahawks, despite Russ being hampered clearly with his finger injury, made a comeback to close the gap.

The biggest storyline in the game up through the half?

Matt Prater’s leg.

The usually ice-cold kicker barely made an extra point, missed another one as well as three field goals in the game:

Prater’s misses were about the only thing overshadowing a terrific game from A.J. Green, who looked like a WR1 again in place of DeAndre Hopkins after a 1 catch for 4 yards type of game against the Panthers:

Arizona got a catch and run from their other outside receiver and was once again in Field Goal Range (to be missed, again, by Prater)

Wesley played for Kingsbury at Texas Tech. Brutal miss...

Fortunately, Arizona’s defense stepped up:

And that “spelled” disaster for the Seahawks through one half.

An interception was overturned after a poor decision from Colt McCoy was seemingly a turnover.

....Aaaaaand sometimes you get a lucky break. Call was overturned.

Not sure why but...okay.

Seattle ended up scoring a touchdown and it was suddenly just a 3 point game that WOULD have been a 7 point lead if not for Prater.

It was up to the offense to give the defense a hand up. And boy, did Colt McCoy do just that:

He SHOULD have had this touchdown pass but it was out of bounds and incomplete by Kirk:

Arizona ended it with how they have many times in the past: a sack of Russ. Who knows what his future in Seattle holds, or with Pete/Schneider the GM?

That’s all, folks. Maxx Williams had the final take of the day: