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Arizona Cardinals give fans a little room to breathe and doubters something to think about

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

What a game.

After a lot of hand-wringing for the last week because the Arizona Cardinals undoubtedly laid an egg against the Carolina Panthers, the thought was the Cardinals were on the same track from last year.

Then they went into Lumen Field and rolled the Seattle Seahawks and now sitting at 9-2 with a guarantee that they will come out of their bye week with the top seed in the NFC have some time to get healthy.

A fast start was leading to an undoubted late season collapse.

Kyler Murray was taking his time to get back.

Colt McCoy sucks and was figured out.

Kliff can’t coach and needs Kyler to win.

The defense is too broken and the league has figured them out.

Relax people.

Kyler has a high ankle sprain (allegedly) that is a 4-6 week injury. The team was never going to say anything about that and give away that he was not playing, it was gamesmanship. They wanted teams to still have to worry while Kyler went through his rehab to get ready. Kyler will get 38 days in between games, over five weeks, and only missed three games.

The reason the team was comfortable waiting and not rushing back Kyler is because the Cardinals and their staff trust Colt McCoy. McCoy is an excellent backup quarterback in the NFL. He can get you through a stretch and even then he can probably get you to a winning record as a starter, but yes you’d be looking for an upgrade in the offseason.

Kliff and company had some struggles down the stretch last year. He also improved from three wins under Steve Wilks, to five wins, to eight wins to at least nine wins in 2021. This dude knows football. He also knows what he doesn’t know and is a willing leader that allows others to be themselves and do their thing.

Is there a problem stopping the run between the 20’s. Absolutely. Outside of that they are good to great.

My buddy text me and said this team reminds him of the Peyton Manning Colts in the way they are built. A team that plays from ahead better than anyone, with a bunch of pass rushers, pass coverage linebackers.

This team is good.

Relax, they are going to lose games. They are probably going to lose again this year. Let’s just hope that it happens before the playoffs start.