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7 Winners and a loser in the Arizona Cardinals win over the Seattle Seahawks

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

When you look at the effort and outcome on Sunday there is little to not like.

However, there were some bad to go along with an abundance of good.

Let’s check out the winners and losers from the Arizona Cardinals 23-13 win over the Seattle Seahawks.


Colt McCoy - We can talk about the numbers, which were incredible - 35/44 328 yards 2 touchdowns, but more than anything Colt McCoy maintained for the Arizona Cardinals. They went into the three weeks without Kyler Murray as the two seed, they come out as the one seed. More than anything, McCoy gave the keys back to Murray and he had the car detailed. What a performance.

James Conner - Numbers were fine, but what Conner brings is an innate toughness that this offense has lacked previously. When Chase Edmonds is back and healthy we should continue to see a dynamic rushing attack.

Zach Ertz - All Ertz does is get open. 22 receptions 269 yards three touchdowns in five games with the Cardinals.

A.J. Green - Has been a steady influence on the offense all year. We lament one play, but Green is on pace for 53 receptions 831 yards 5 touchdowns. That is an impressive season for a 33 year old receiver who has not seen over 700 yards since 2017.

Chandler Jones - He stopped thinking and just played and was dominant on Sunday.

Markus Golden - What can you say about the best bargain in the NFL?

Kliff Kingsbury - Kliff like can go as bad as 3-3 the rest of the way and still be the favorite for the NFL Coach of the Year. We will talk about it more next week, but I see the Cardinals finishing strong this year the last six games.


Matt Prater - Someone has to be down here. He missed some kicks coming off the birth of his child and with a new long snapper. It didn’t matter. He is onto a nice long bye week and then the Chicago Bears.