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McSorely In, Streveler Out as QB3

NFL: Baltimore Ravens Minicamp Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Last week the Cardinals tried to poach QB Steve Beuchele from the Chiefs’ practice squad, which prompted the Chiefs to sign him to their roster.

Today the Cardinals were successful in poaching QB Trace McSorely (6th round pick 2019 from Penn St.) from the Ravens’ practice squad. Subsequently, the Cardinals released Chris Streveler.

Here is my guess, which I posted on Twitter:

It could be that Chris Streveler wants a chance to play in whatever capacity that best enables him to. He’s played RB and WR in college and was primarily a running QB in the CFL. Playing behind Kyler Murray and Colt McCoy this year is not going to give Strev many chances to play.

Making the switch and getting the reps at RB/WR/H-Back would not enable him to serve as the scout team QB, which now McSorely will manage.

As for McSorely, if you watched him at Penn St., he’s a dual threat QB who has some razzle dazzle in his game. He put up a ton of yards and TDs at Penn St. (9,899 passing and 1,697 yards rushing —- 77 TDs passing, 30 TDs rushing)) and led them to a Big 10 Championship (2016) and a number big wins. The questions about him as an NFL QB are his 6-0” height and his college completion percentage which was around 60%. Plus, in regular season NFL action last year he tore an ACL.

IngravenVid puts the McSorely acquisition in excellent perspective. Check this out!

Welcome to the Birdgang, Trace“Throw it on a Dime” McSorely.

Hope to see you signed to the practice squad with a chance to play RB/WR/H-Back, Chris Streveler.