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Anatomy of a Golden Twist Chandler Jones Sack

Arizona Cardinals v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images
  • 3rd and 10
  • Cards leading 16-6 with 2:16 left in the 3rd Quarter
  • This is once again a classic twist stunt, performed to perfection by Chandler Jones and Markus Golden.
  • Golden lines up inside of Jones (both in 2 point stances) and on the snap Golden makes a juke rush to his left in order to attract the attention of the RT.
  • Jones gets off the ball in a hurry as if he’s going to swim around the edge, but as soon as Golden makes contact with the RT, Jones redirects and with a powerful burst takes as 45 degree angle inside of Golden to the QB.
  • The way offenses try to counter for this twist stunt is for the RT and the RG to switch, with the RT taking Golden and the RG picking up Jones and, as you can see, the RG is too late on his switch.
  • But, even if the RT and RG switch, this is like an NBA pick and roll, because, Golden then has inside leverage on the RT whose shoulders are facing outward and thus Golden can take a straight line to the QB, like an NBA center who, coming off the screen, can roll straight to the hoop.
  • Notice how Golden keeps attacking on the play and is in position to clean up the sack if Jones flushes the QB to his right.
  • Notice too how Vance Joseph uses Dennis Gardeck as a spy to shade him toward the right side of the formation in case the QB tries to escape up the middle or to his left.
  • Plus, take a look at the Cardinals’ sticky man coverage on this play.
  • The QB has no easy throw right from the onset, which gives the Cardinals’ twist stunt the time to deliver on the sack.
  • As Chubby Checker would sing, “C’mon, baby, let’s do the twist!”