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Defense needs to continue to keep offense in game for the Arizona Cardinals

Syndication: Arizona Republic Rob Schumacher/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

A loss was always inevitable.

The Arizona Cardinals were never going undefeated throughout the season and on a run to the Super Bowl.

As good as they are, they are not the greatest and luckiest team ever assembled.

However, they are good enough to not only compete for a Super Bowl, but they seem like they have a legitimate chance to win the Super Bowl.

One reason as to why is they are a complete team.

The Cardinals, in broad statistics, are fourth in the NFL in points, eighth in yards, fourth in scoring percentage, seventh in time of possession and third in points per drive. Oh, defensively they are third in points allowed, fourth in yards allowed, fifth in turnovers, and second in points per drive.

The Cardinals are a complete team.

However, they are entering a stretch where they need their defense to continue to keep them in games.

We saw it in the Green Bay Packers loss. The defense gave the offense a chance at the end. The offense in fact is the reason the defense “gave up” 24 points in the game.

With DeAndre Hopkins ailing, with Kyler Murray uncertain, with Rodney Hudson having missed three weeks, the defense needs to continue to give the offense a chance to win the game.

When Murray and the offense is at full strength, they are maybe the best in the NFL.

When the Cardinals are dealing with injuries, they are still more than good enough on offense, but they need the defense to continue to do their job.

Let’s hope their injuries clear up on that side of the ball quickly as well.