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Make the call: Start McCoy, sit Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray will be a game-time decision on Sunday

Houston Texans v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals are coming off their first loss of the season. Overall, the team performed poorly. In the midst of the loss, Kyler Murray injured his ankle attempting to run for a first down. Afterward, opened the ten-day window before their next matchup versus the San Francisco 49ers.

Murray has not practiced this week and will be a game-time decision. Facing a 49ers defense that contained a healthy and mobile Murray-led offense. If he is not as capable of being dynamic as we are accustomed to, why risk it?

We have witnessed a few backup quarterbacks win games this season. The likes of Case Keenum, Cooper Rush, and Mike White stepped in admirably for their respective teams. The goal is to win the division and make a run in the playoffs. Risking reaggravating Murray’s injury goes against these goals entirely.

General Manager Keim exuded confidence in Colt McCoy on the “Burns and Gambo” show on 98.7.

Keim stated, “We really feel like he can sort of function at a high level in this offense,” Keim said. “That’s why we do what we do in the offseason. You don’t just build a team to think about the starters and the Pro Bowlers. You have to think about where your depth is going to be challenged.”

The GM understands the importance Murray holds for this team’s Super Bowl aspirations. No one wants to lose a divisional game, especially coming off a tough loss. The greater risk lies with playing Murray before his ankle has healed. Giving Murray another week to rest his ankle is the wisest decision to make. The team has a bye week in three weeks. Maintaining a clean bill of health into the bye week is ideal.

If Kyler Murray has a positive pre-game workout, I believe sitting him is the direction to take. Similar to the Dallas Cowboys' decision with their star quarterback Dak Prescott’s calf strain. Prescott was allowed to test his calf during pre-game but ultimately sat out of the game.

With a 4:25 pm est kickoff, we will have to wait to see who lines behind the center to battle the 49ers.