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Jonathan Ward lands on Covid-19 reserve list for Arizona Cardinals

Carolina Panthers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Kelsey Grant/Getty Images

For the Arizona Cardinals, health will be the key to not just the final six weeks of the regular season, but what we hope is a deep postseason run.

One of the things they need to avoid more than anything else is Covid-19.

They have been hit by it already this season and now another player is joining the mix as Jonathan Ward has been placed on the Covid-19 reserve list.

Ward had missed the previous three games with a concussion and now this seems just like overkill for a young, special teams player who has been battling all season to stay active week-to-week.

He has only 10 offensive snaps on the season, but has been busy on special teams all season when active.

Ward will need two negative tests to get cleared to be active again, let’s hope it is quick for the team and Wards sake so he can get back.