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Kliff Kingsbury a hot commodity after great start with Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Call it a clever ploy from his agent, call it an overreaction to a hot start for the Arizona Cardinals, or call it seeing a coach coming into his own, but Kliff Kingsbury has been mentioned for some of the biggest jobs in college football.

While I truly believe that Kliff and Kyler Murray will be in lockstep over the next seven seasons, where they both will be extended for a 10-year run that is rarely seen in the NFL, there is one worry I have.

Again, I cannot stress enough I think Kliff re-signs a five year extension and really six years as the team will pick up his fifth year team option as well.

However, the concern is what is happening in college football.

I think that Kliff loves the NFL, he prefers being a pure coach rather than a recruiter, dealing with boosters, and the fight of dealing with the underbelly of the college game where the NFL is what it is.

Yet, imagine the Cardinals come in at 5 years $60 million. $12 million a year may seem excessive, but the new TV is coming in hot and that would make him among the five highest paid coaches in the NFL.

Then Oklahoma comes in and doubles it. 10 years $120 million. What does Kliff do? What would you expect him to do in this scenario?

Whether Kliff is worth the money is irrelevant.

Look at Mel Tucker from Michigan State. Tucker went 2-5 in 2020, is 10-2 in 2021 and just received a 10-year $95 million extension. Even if OU came in at 10-years $100 million, so Kliff’s hypothetical extension would be less per year, but it is almost double the amount of guaranteed money.

That is the biggest concern with Kliff, how do you expect anyone to turn down $100 million in cash money?

Again, I think Kliff and Kyler will allow the Cardinals to not have anything to worry about for 2020’s from a coach/quarterback standpoint, which will be a brand new day. But, if you ask me what could change Kliff’s mind...