Home Woes Continue for Cards on MNF

Home-field advantage has become a fallacy of sorts for this Cardinals team.

This year, the Cards have been dominant on the road, piling up seven wins thus far with a point differential of +112. What's more impressive is how they won those games. The Cardinals won each game by more than 10 points, two of which came without stars Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins, and another without their Head Coach.

However, the Cardinals have not been able to get rolling when they play in front of their home fans. History shows that teams tend to play better at home, but this team has shown the opposite. Turnovers and slow starts have plagued the Cards at home this year, resulting in three home losses.

Players and coaches are aware that their play at home has been less than desired. "We haven't been very good the last couple of times in front of the Red Sea, and we want to make sure we come out and get that figured out and play at a high level," Kingsbury said.

As the battle for the top seed in the NFC heats up, it begs the question of whether the Cardinals would prefer the top seed with home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. If the first 12 weeks of the season have indicated what's to come, being the top seed might not benefit the Cardinals.

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