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Arizona Cardinals playoff chances in the NFC West, recovering after the Los Angeles Rams loss and getting ready for the Lions

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals need to get right.

One way to do just that is have the Detroit Lions on your schedule late in the season when they are coming off a bad loss.

That is why Jess and I sat down and discussed both the loss to the Los Angeles Rams as well as the upcoming game against the Detroit Lions.

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Below are the approximate timestamps for the topics of the show.

(1:00) Cardinals-Rams review – what went wrong?

(18:54) How the Cardinals can still clinch the NFC West title — magic numbers and everything

(30:45) The No. 1 seed and whether the Cardinals can still achieve it

(44:15) The injuries to Hopkins, Conner

(51:45) Cardinals-Lions preview