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Arizona Cardinals at Detroit Lions second half open thread

Arizona Cardinals v Detroit Lions Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images

The biggest half of football of the season?

A team with everything to lose is playing scared, is playing uninspired and now is playing sloppy football.

The Arizona Cardinals trail the 1-11-1 Detroit Lions 17-0 at the half.

They may yet come back and win this game, but this is the most concerning half of football of the Kliff Kingsbury era and now the Cardinals have to dig themselves out of a deep hole.

Add to that they are starting to play undisciplined football, getting three personal foul penalties on the drive, two by Jordan Phillips and this is a concern.

Kingsbury had a peculiar four play call series in a goal-to-go situation that led to no points for a team that desperately needed some.

Then the Cardinals gave up a 97-yard touchdown drive aided by those two roughing the passer calls and now it just seems silly.

Almost defeated when you see Kliff and Kyler Murray take a knee with 19 seconds and two timeouts to go into the half.

Let’s hope for a better second half of football.

Go Cardinals!