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Arizona Cardinals season crumbling as they get completely dominated by Detroit Lions

Arizona Cardinals v Detroit Lions Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

Not sure what there is left to say at this point.

The moment, the chance to clinch a playoff berth seems to be just too much for the Arizona Cardinals and this group as they lose to the Detroit Lions 30-12.

We saw missed throws, we saw drops, we saw missed tackles, dropped interceptions, and even undisciplined cheap shots.

The Arizona Cardinals looked like a team that was 1-11-1 coming into the game.

Instead they let Jared Goff, a quarterback they have never beat with this regime, have his best game of the season.

Now you have to wonder if this team even competes in the playoffs?

Is this team good enough to back their way into the playoffs?

How much will they lose to a team like the Indianapolis Colts or Dallas Cowboys? Games two weeks ago that felt like a great chance to assert your dominance.

Instead, you’ve had two unfocused and lackluster performances in a row.

Now, you are looking at competing to just win the division.

At this point it feels like a rubber match against the Los Angeles Rams is going to be the playoff matchup in round one.

The question becomes… Where?