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Chicago Bears have the run game to cause problems for the Arizona Cardinals

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

While many see this game as a great chance to come out strong to start the final six games of the 2021 NFL season, there is one thing to worry about for the Arizona Cardinals.

If you take out the always worrisome injury issues, the Chicago Bears present an issue for the Cardinals.

If you take a look at the weather report, the Cardinals are going into a 48 degree day with an 80% chance of rain.

It could be a sloppy game, which plays to into the Bears best offensive feature... running the football.

David Montgomery, Khalil Herbert and potentially Justin Fields create a dynamic rushing attack that could cause problems for the Cardinals if the game is sloppy and they are unable to throw the ball and get an early lead.

If that happens, Montgomery and Herbert give the Bears a nice one-two punch that could present an issue for the Cardinals.

Now, the Cardinals with or without Kyler Murray should have no problem with this Bears team. However, they play the games for a reason and if the Bears are going to have a shot it will be utilizing Montgomery and Herbert and keeping the Cardinals offense at bay.

Of course, the Cardinals have done a nice job against good running teams this year, so maybe they will dare Andy Dalton or Justin Fields to beat them this week.