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Arizona Cardinals open as slight favorites over Indianapolis Colts for Christmas day tilt

Arizona Cardinals v Detroit Lions Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

Well, the Arizona Cardinals have almost squandered all the goodwill they had worked to achieve this year.

Now, they head into their Christmas Day matchup with the Indianapolis Colts and according to DraftKings Sportsbook, they are only 1.5-point favorites.

After losing to the Detroit Lions in embarrassing fashion, it is actually surprising to see them favored at all.

It will be something to watch over the rest of the week because after the Colts ran over, around and through the New England Patriots, you have to imagine the public will begin to shift the line in favor of the Colts.

It would not be too surprising to see the Cardinals enter the game on Saturday evening as underdogs at home, barring some type of injury or Covid-19 situation popping up for either side.

No, the Cardinals now have to restore some faith in the team or the fear that no one truly bought into them will not only be true, but accurate.