Following Lousy Loss to Lions, Cards Look to Regain Momentum

This past Sunday was ugly, by all accounts. A double-digit loss to the worst team in the league with a chance to clinch a playoff spot was less than ideal for the Cardinals. But the reality is, it's one game. A vital characteristic of all good teams is the ability to bounce back from an embarrassing loss. Christmas Day provides an excellent opportunity for the Cardinals to do just that.

The Indianapolis Colts and MVP candidate Jonathan Taylor are set to visit the valley this Saturday. The Colts -- coming off of an emotional victory against the New England Patriots -- are fighting for the top spot in the AFC South. The Cardinals are looking to remain ahead of the Rams in the race for the NFC West title, making this game a critical one for both teams.

Unfortunately, the Cardinals have not played well in the four opportunities they've had in playoff-clinching scenarios, including last season. The team appeared to be past last year's woes early in the season after starting 7-0. However, the last couple of weeks has been less than pleasing. The hope is that the Cardinals deliver an additional present on Christmas Day, a playoff berth.

See you Saturday.

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