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Arizona Cardinals vs Indianapolis Colts second half open thread

Indianapolis Colts v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images

A sloppy, undisciplined and at times highly questionable first half has come to an end and the Arizona Cardinals trail the Indianapolis Colts 12-6.

The Colts will get the ball to start the second half, but have been mostly held in check.

No, instead the Cardinals have dropped passes, missed kicks, shot themselves in the foot and been the victims of some oddly called or not called pass interference or illegal contact penalties.

Yet, if they clean up their own stuff, penalties, missed kicks and bad snaps, they likely win this game with relative ease.

The Colts are bleeding offensive linemen at this point, losing two more in the game, but they haven’t had many issues holding back the Cardinals impotent pass rush.

The Cardinals need to find their pass rush in the second half. They need to continue to contain Jonathan Taylor, and they need to make a play or two on offense.

The playoffs are on the line, and sans one bad challenge call, the coaching staff and the quarterback have been up to the challenge.

Now they need the rest of the team to follow suit.

Go Cardinals!