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Kyler Murray Voted SNICKERS ‘Hungriest Player of the Year’

Kyler Murray won the NFL Pro Bowl MVP for helping his team win the Madden 21 Pro Bowl on Sunday.

On Monday, he was awarded the Snickers “Hungriest Player of the Year”.

From Snickers:

Ahead of Super Bowl LV, SNICKERS has announced Kyler Murray as the brand’s “Hungriest Player of the Year.”

The “Hungriest Player” program spanned 14 weeks of the 20-21 NFL season and rewarded players who showed a hunger for more with exceptional plays or moments on the field. Each week, a different player was passed a jewel-encrusted chain displaying the word “HUNGRY” and the iconic “S” from the SNICKERS brand logo. Murray earned the chain week 10 against the Bills after completing a game winning TD pass with seconds left on the clock dubbed “The Hail Murray.”

Murray will be donating the one-of-a-kind SNICKERS chain, valued at over $60,000, to benefit heroes on the frontlines in Arizona, including nurses and other essential workers.

A closer look at the chain:

Quite the year for Murray, let’s hope next year we see another big leap and a bigger leap for the team as well.

Congratulations to Kyler Murray.