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SB Nation Reacts: Tom Brady deserved Super Bowl MVP, but Buccaneers defense was the dominant force of Super Bowl LV

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Super Bowl LV Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

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The Super Bowl has come and gone and we have already reached out to you, the fan to tell us what you thought coming out of the game.

First, Tom Brady won his fifth Super Bowl MVP of his career, fans mostly agreed with the greatest of all time winning it.

I am not sure if Brady deserved it or not, I do know that there was not a better individual performance in the game, but the Bucs defense was clearly the MVP of the game.

Fans agreed.

While we can agree that the Chiefs offensive line was completely in shambles, the reality is that the Bucs defense was just dominant, to a level we haven’t seen since the Giants were beating up on the New England Patriots.

Two other questions we asked:

What do you think?