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NFL sets 2021 salary cap floor at $180 million

Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

While we still wait for the final numbers to come in, things are at least looking slightly better when it comes to the NFL’s 2021 salary cap.

Adam Schefter announced today that the NFL salary cap floor will be at least $180 million, up from the $175 million it was previously at.

According to Schefter, the league informed teams today that the lowest the cap will be for 2021 is $180 million. That’s a $5 million increase in the worst-case-scenario type of things.

That also means it could end up being even higher than that.

The NFL and NFLPA initially agreed to spread the loss of revenue due to the Covid-19 2020 season out over several years rather than in one fell swoop in 2021.

Part of that agreement was that the lowest the salary cap would go down to was $175 million.

Now that it has increased slightly for the floor, teams will wait to see what the final number comes in at.

In the last month we have seen reports that the number would be $185 million, so if it is truly $10 million more than the floor, we could see that number even higher.

However, worst case this is an improvement as it will give a number of veterans a chance to stay on with teams.