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Arizona Cardinals quarterback need low according to Pro Football Focus

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Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

With the offseason in full swing the offseason articles are in full swing.

That means a ton of discussion on position needs for each team in the NFL.

When Pro Football Focus discusses positional needs, they tend to garner a bit more attention than most.

That is why when they released their 2021 analysis of every NFL team’s need at the quarterback position, it is always interesting to see what they think abut your team.

To PFF, the Arizona Cardinals are in a great spot:



While Kyler Murray is still inviting way too much pressure and sacks with his play style (his 36 sacks invited since 2019 are most in the NFL), he did show the growth we were hoping to see from a passing perspective in 2020. Murray’s 61.1 passing grade as a rookie spiked to 77.2 in 2020, ranking 14th in the NFL. Specifically, the drastic improvement occurred with his in-rhythm passing from the pocket.

The 2019 No. 1 overall pick was a bottom performer in that area as a rookie with a 64.3 passing grade on such plays, but this year he raised that mark to 89.9. Murray also, of course, made countless plays on the ground with his legs that resulted in a position-leading 86.5 rushing grade.

It was obvious to many that Murray made a jump, but there still seems to be some who don’t get how big the jump was for the second year signal caller.

He became a top half of the league pocket passer, add into his dynamic play-making ability outside of structure and you have one of the best young players in the NFL.

Murray isn’t to his ceiling yet, which is what should excite fans, but in the Not For Long league, you only get a season or two for fans and even some franchises.

However, Murray is not just on the right trajectory, he is a player that should be built around by the Arizona Cardinals.