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No news on Kenyan Drake and the Arizona Cardinals according to Drake

Arizona Cardinals v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals and the rest of the NFL have some decisions to make this offseason. Many of those decisions have to wait until teams know exactly what is going on with the 2021 salary cap.

That is why when Kenyan Drake spoke to the media, it wasn’t shock to see that he and the Cardinals have not had much dialogue.

“There hasn’t really been too much dialogue right now,” Drake said on Good Morning Football. “I know the league and the teams are trying to figure out the cap room. Once we cross that bridge, we’ll get there.”

It is a fair point to make, as not just the teams around the league but the players have to figure things out.

Drake is one of those players who could suffer in 2021 with the cap space shrinking.

He didn’t have the season he had hoped for and in a down year financially, he may not have a lot of suitors.

Either way, what the Cardinals do at running back is a big question mark this offseason.