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Arizona Cardinals putting offensive line theory to the test

Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Sean Kugler talked about the Arizona Cardinals offensive line heading into 2021 and there were some notable takeaways.

Walter had a nice little recap for you, check it out.

I wanted to discuss something I’ve advocated for a long time and something it seems the Cardinals may be doing…

Drafting college left tackles.

It may sound simple, but the Green Bay Packers really brought out the idea of taking left tackles and grooming them along the offensive line.

The Cardinals have been trying it with differing success.

They obviously took D.J. Humphries and he’s on the verge of becoming a home run draft pick.

They followed that up with Mason Cole who may be looking for work after his struggles of 2020.

Then there is Josh Jones, who Kugler maybe mentioned about his position moving forward.

Jones was a left tackle in college, a great one at that.

However, maybe the Cardinals understand that’s not where he’ll play in the NFL.

In the NFL, there are only 32 left tackles, in college there are over 100 just in division one.

It’d be silly to think that only 32 players from college can play in the NFL.

That’s why taking left tackles, typically the best offensive line players on their respective college offensive lines, and making them into something else makes sense.

The Cardinals are hoping Jones pans out, they also have a shot to get a left tackle to move in the 2021 NFL Draft in Rashawn Slater, Christian Darrisaw or Alijha Vera-Tucker.

The Cardinals seem to be drafting smartly, let’s hope it pans out.