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Opening 2022 Super Bowl (LVI) Odds To Win

Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Per an email from Jim Shapiro of SVP Publicity here are the opening 2022 Super Bowl Odd to Win according to

Odds to Win Super Bowl LVI (2022)

Kansas City Chiefs 5/1

Buffalo Bills 12/1

Green Bay Packers 12/1

Los Angeles Rams 12/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12/1

San Francisco 49ers 14/1

Baltimore Ravens 20/1

Cleveland Browns 20/1

Miami Dolphins 20/1

Seattle Seahawks 20/1

Dallas Cowboys 22/1

Los Angeles Chargers 22/1

New England Patriots 25/1

New Orleans Saints 25/1

Tennessee Titans 28/1

Arizona Cardinals 33/1

Indianapolis Colts 33/1

Pittsburgh Steelers 33/1

Philadelphia Eagles 40/1

Atlanta Falcons 50/1

Carolina Panthers 50/1

Chicago Bears 50/1

Houston Texans 50/1

Las Vegas Raiders 50/1

Minnesota Vikings 50/1

New York Giants 66/1

Washington Football Team 66/1

Cincinnati Bengals 75/1

Denver Broncos 75/1

Detroit Lions 75/1

Jacksonville Jaguars 75/1

New York Jets 75/1

Are you a little surprised?

I am...but, kind of in a good way. For the Cardinals to be in the middle of the pack (tied for 16th) just a tad below the Patriots, Saints and Titans and on a par with the Colts and the Steelers is a fair sign of respect, particularly in light of how much lower the Cardinals’ Super Bowl odds were the past few years —- and at rock bottom in 2018.

Hopefully, these odds will provide the Cardinals with a little extra motivation, because the Rams are tied for 2nd, the 49ers are 6th and the Seahawks are tied for 7th. Talk about respect for NFC West!

The question of the off-season is —- will the Cardinals increase their odds following free agency and the 2021 NFL Draft?

Cardinals’ 2021 Opponents

Home: Cardinals (T-16th)

  • Rams (T-2nd)
  • 49ers (6th)
  • Seahawks (T-7th)
  • Packers (T-2nd)
  • Vikings (T-20th)
  • Texans (T-20)th
  • Colts (T-16th)
  • Panthers (T-20th)


  • Rams (T-2nd)
  • 49ers (6th)
  • Seahawks (T-7th)
  • Lions (T-28th)
  • Bears (T-20th)
  • Titans (15th)
  • Jaguars (T-28th)
  • Cowboys (T-11th)

Game 17: (per NFL rumors)

  • Browns (T-7th)

Game Odds Based on Opening Odds to Win Super Bowl LVI:

  • Favorites: Cardinals —- 6 games
  • Even (pick ‘em): Cardinals vs. Colts —- 1 game
  • Underdogs: Cardinals —- 10 games

Kyler Murray’s reflections on 2020 and expectations for 2021 (interview on the Pat McAfffe Show)

  • “It was like, you just didn’t know which team you were getting,”
  • “That comes to us being inconsistent,” he added.
  • “For me, it starts with the little things, and I have said it before, organizations that win, they do everything right. They do everything the right way. Attention to detail, the small things.”
  • “We started off pretty hot and we took a kind of a disappointing turn, ended up not making the playoffs, which was very disappointing,” he said.
  • “I expect it to be a lot better in Year 3.”