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Arizona Cardinals pre-free agency roster breakdown: Wide receiver

Detroit Lions v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

It is interesting that one place the Arizona Cardinals have spent a lot of time and money on is one of the weakest position groups on the team.

The Cardinals come into the 2021 NFL offseason with DeAndre Hopkins at wide receiver and then a bunch of guys who have never put together a full season.

The names under contract that count towards the top 51:

DeAndre Hopkins: Signed through 2024, $12.5 million cap hit in 2021

Andy Isabella: Signed through 2022, $1.26 million cap hit in 2021

KeeSean Johnson: Signed through 2022, $902,328 cap hit in 2021

Christian Kirk: Signed through 2021, $2.97 million cap hit in 2021

That’s it and the thing that is a bit scary is that combined in their career the three non-Hopkins receivers have 225 receptions for 2,693 yards and 16 touchdowns.

Or, about two seasons of DeAndre Hopkins production.

The Cardinals need to find at least one player that can give them something consistent. It doesn’t have to be Hopkins like production, or prime Larry Fitzgerald, but they need to find a player that can be a consistent threat.

In free agency there are a couple of big targets in Allen Robinson, Kenny Golladay and Chris Godwin, but that may be expensive. However, there are mid-range targets to know:

Corey Davis - May not have lived up to the hype or the fifth draft pick, but he could be a great second option for the Cardinals. He is a big, physical and athletic player who has already thrived in a similar role in Tennessee with the Titans. Could be a four-year $60 million type.

T.Y. Hilton - May not be the man he was three years ago, but as the top option. Now, he comes in as the veteran number two opposite Hopkins.

Looking at a three-year $30ish million contract.

Marvin Jones Jr. - Another veteran like Hilton, he has been Robin for a lot of great players, he will be 31, but looks like he has two to three good years left.

Looking at a similar contract to Hilton.

Nelson Agholor - Really interesting name to watch. Going to be 28 years old this year and has flourished as a slot receiver in Philadelphia and then became an outside guy with the Raiders.

Looking at two-years $20 million.

Any of the free agents tickle your fancy?